Weekly Horoscope for December 17, 2018! The truth will finally be setting you free. A past transgression will resurface, however, this time will be different. You will be vindicated. Your patience and pure intentions are about to pay off! Hold your head high this week. Authenticity is about to be rewarded BIG time. Put yourself out there, and you shall notice a rallying of support behind you. Other people may try to continue to cast shadows and project their own insecurities at you, but it will not stick this time. You are about to see the law of attraction do its magic. 

Wheel Of Fortune [Reversed] – Bad luck/experience. In the past.

The World – Unfinished business. Return of something.

The Judgement – True intentions. The public/Support. 

Triumph of Lies – Overcoming lies. Projected falsities/insecurities.

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