Weekly Horoscope for December 24th, 2018! Get ready to defend yourself. Something from the past is set to return and shake things up. The entire goal of this is to elicit a reaction from you, and you will be forced to address it. Beware of impatience leading to impulsive actions. Don’t allow grudges to take you out of character, but at the same time, do not allow yourself to be walked all over on. Some form of action is necessary.

Justice [Reversed] – Something in the past that did not go in our favor. Potential grudge.

The Sun [Reversed] – Unhappiness. Soured connection.

Temperance [Reversed] – Impatience and Impulsiveness. Poor timing.

Perchance to Dream – The need to get into the thick of things. Having to get your hands dirty. Action required.

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