Weekly Horoscope for December 31st, 2018! You will finally be letting go over the things/people that anchor you and hold you back. This week will be freeing. Lot’s of openings and new beginnings. Enjoy the new connections you make, and embrace change. This is a week of rebirth. A change in energy for the better. Give up control to the universe, and watch as the puzzle pieces start to appear before you. They may not make sense just yet, but they will soon enough. If you’ve been waiting for a fresh start, now’s the time!

The Lovers [Reversed] – Falling out of love with something/someone.

The Star [Reversed] – Being anchored down by things that don’t suit us. Pulled off path.

Death – Rebirth. A positive change. Revival. Removing the shackles that bind us.

Three Graces – New connections that we have been waiting for. We are now energetically compatible with better.

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