❤ Psychic Tarot Reader with a Personality made for TV ❤

Hiya! My name is Anthony, and I am an intuitive. I have been reading tarot for years, and have developed a very unique style. I am extremely straight forward, and to the point. If you’re looking for a real, honest, assessment of your life, you came to the right place! Ominous and spooky are so outdated, I prefer to simplify things and put them into Laymen’s terms. Your experience with me will very much mimic the dynamic you share with your best friend. Just with the added help from the divine!

A little bit of backstory about me: I’m 27, and from New York. I had a very rough upbringing, and experienced massive amounts of bullying and adversity. Through all of it, I persevered, and it’s why I adopted the “We are survivors, not victims” mentality. I believe strongly in tough love. Nothing in life was handed to me, and hard work has, and always will, pay off.

As a child I was always wiser and more perceptive than the other kids. And as such it created an immediate divide between me and them. I was often ostracized and isolated. My biggest strength was, and still is, my ability to be a walking human lie detector. Imagine going up to someone and telling them how much you loved your teacher, only for them to respond with “I get a weird vibe. Seems like the type to cheat on his wife.” Yeah that someone was me, lol. [True story btw: said teacher did cheat on his wife!] I quickly realized I needed to learn to let people lie in order to not make waves, but that just made me feel miserable. Why did people have such a hard time facing the truth? THEIR truth? It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized what was going on: I was psychic. The information I was lifting from people were not things they were ready or willing to share. It was information I just knew. I thought everyone was like me, but boy was I naive! You see, I like to think of it like this: We are all born with 2 valves. One is ourselves. The personality, the decision making, the human interaction, etc. And the 2nd, is our intuition. Most people are born running on their “self” valve, and have to learn to tap into their intuitive valve. I was born opposite. My intuitive valve was on, and I had to learn to discover my “self” valve. I basically just learned in reverse. Also, those dreams I had that kept coming true? Yeah, that should have been my first hint. Hah!

Once I got into my 20’s astrology and meditation truly helped me understand myself and what was going on. Unfortunately though, life loves to throw you curve balls. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and I ended up being his main caretaker. He battled it for many years and I learned a tremendous amount of life lessons during this time period. I knew after his passing that I wanted to have a positive impact on this planet before I died, so I decided to chase a dream I had always had.

My twitch channel! I never initially intended to be a tarot reader, it chose me. I started up my stream, and somebody noticed the cards in the background. They asked if I did readings and I said, “All the time, actually, but I didn’t think anyone on here would be interested..” Gee, was I wrong! One person would see someone getting a reading, and they’d ask for one too, and then the next day their friend would come and be all “My home girl got a reading from you, may I have one?” And one thing led to another, and, well here we are! I quickly got partnered on twitch in under 6 months and have built up my reputation and clientele through that! I’ve been a full-time streamer for well over a year now and I do all sorts of things on there. From tarot, to astrology, to MUKBANGs, to gaming, to advice, to well you name it! I like to think I’m naturally funny and entertaining, with a bold personality. I also just happen to be a psychic with some extra gifts on the side!

Ultimately, my purpose in life is to help others see and unlock their true potential. And whether I’m doing that via a laugh or via a psychic tarot reading, I consider it a job well done!

Antphrodite Psychic Tarot Reader