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Did you get the job? Are you on your right career path? Is a promotion in your near future?

If interested in finding your path, give me up to 3 of your main choices you’re thinking about going down. I will look at each.

All readings will be delivered via Email. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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9 reviews for Career Reading

  1. Bearillio

    I have had several readings with Ant, he is 100% accurate and his predictions spot on, his readings are also full of guidance and life saving advice, he is kind, compassionate and his readings have helped very much.

  2. Jessica M

    Ant has pulled information that I didn’t even ask for or know was a factor, only for it to reveal itself and come true later on. He’s helped me avoid major pitfalls in my workplace and navigate tough situations. Don’t hesitate! Book a reading.

  3. Kelly

    Where do I start with Antphrodite and what he’s done for me and my career. He’s given me guidance and advice that’s absolutely encouraged me to be a better version of myself both personally and professional. I return to Ant for all of my insights with big decision making or tough situations when it’s appropriate. He helps pull the confidence out of me internally so that I can continue kicking ass every day. He’s successfully predicted things in my workplace and he’s the best!!


    Most of the readings I got from Ant were career related. He always gave me legitimate, practical answers and the future insight has always been bang on, it’s amazing! He’s been very helpful 🙂 I appreciate the work he does.

  5. Vegetathepro

    Literally let me know that I was going to be alright after I lost my job, I trusted him and was back to normal in about a month. Gives really good advice and also his predictions are scary accurate.

  6. Miss A (verified owner)

    Everything Ant picked up was spot on, and his positive but matter-of-fact response is so easy to absorb. Helped me cut down on unnecessary worry to stay grounded and in the flow.

  7. Koffee

    Ever since I found Ant, I’ve had multiple readings done by him. I’m a Taurus sun and I’m always wanting to know about career & finance, and he has genuinely never once been wrong. Multiple times he has predicted outcomes for business trips, financial loss, financial gain, and just given me over all guidance and insight to my life. He has keen intuition and knows things about situations I ask on without me ever having to mention them. He has a natural ability to give strait to the point answers while remaining compassionate about any given situation. I will continue to return again and again for readings.

  8. Monkeyism

    Ant is incredible! He always goes above and beyond with clarifications + pulling from other decks to truly decipher the energy. He knows how to explain and boil everything down in a way that is easy to digest. His readings are filled with not only insight, but advice on the situation. I’m a client for life!

  9. rainbowflyer (verified owner)

    I had a lot of doubts and my confidence was shaky. Hearing that I was on the right path along with a few other things gave me peace of mind and forced me to stop setting myself up for failure. Certainly gonna get more readings in the future!!

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