Love Tarot Card Reading

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Tarot Reading on Finding Love, Compatibility, and Direction.

Wondering if your connections are going somewhere? Where your love life is heading? If he/she is compatible?

This in-depth reading will give you the advice and clarity you’re looking for. Submit a question and let me give you the answer.

Example Questions:

  1. I met a guy/girl and they asked me on a date. Is it a good idea to go on this date?
  2. Is this person talking to other people (cheating)?
  3. Is my true love coming to me?

I will need you to provide your gender and preference.

Disclaimer: I will not read on health.

All readings will be delivered via Email. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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14 reviews for Love Tarot Card Reading

  1. Michelle

    Ant was very detailed on an upcoming love that will be entering my life. He was very accurate on my previous relationship which ended recently and made me feel better that better things are coming. Highly recommend!

  2. Lacy

    Ant is very thorough and accurate. I love getting readings from him, and I trust him wholly! Love him. 🙂

  3. Jessica M

    Ant has given me an innumerable amount of readings about my relationship and has gone above and beyond to help me and tell me what I *need* to hear and not what I *want* to hear. If you want genuine, honest, and helpful information, you’re in the right place. At this price, a reading from Ant is a steal.

  4. Paul K

    My first reading with Ant was amazing, he was able to get inside my crazy head and pinpoint what type of person I am attracted to as well and help me see the warning signs of potential relationships. He has opened my eyes and mind and has been a God send to me.

  5. Katrina

    For my first love reading, I asked Ant about a previous relationship, wanting to know what went wrong. He was able to describe completely exact and accurate details about the relationship and give me additional information that helped put my mind at ease. Since then he’s given me countless love readings that have been just as accurate and helpful. He really does put so much effort into the readings and will give you specific information to help you gain clarity. Completely trust him and highly recommend!

  6. rad0vich (verified owner)

    I can’t express how helpful Ant is with his readings and from what I’ve experienced, he’s very accurate. If you are a fan of his from Twitch or just curious, it’s worth your time and money. I got my reading very promptly and it was extremely thorough. Thanks, Antphrodite!

  7. N. H. (verified owner)

    Crazy accurate! Super helpful for figuring out where to go with the future. Feels like a friend giving you advice. Would recommend!!

  8. Harrison

    Ant has been doing love readings for me for about a year now and its always been on the ball. It’s helped me understand when someone’s coming into my life or if I have to take the time to focus on myself. These readings have lowkey been my savior every time I get them. Love you ant <3

  9. Bea (verified owner)

    He was so spot on! I’m not big on psychics since I am not sure how authentic they are, but he’s amazing. And has helped me understand that it’s ok to loosen up a bit 🙂

  10. Whitney L. (verified owner)

    I got my tarot reading in great time, and it was so insightful & brought so much clarity to my situation.

    Ant knew things that were going on behind the scenes which confirmed to me that he is the real deal & genuine.

    I will be coming back for more readings! Thank you so much & I encourage others to do the same!

  11. Hannah (verified owner)

    Ant is is true gift. He is promt and incredibly detailed in his readings. It is obvious he goes above and beyond. I have received psychic readings in the past from other psychics and no one has ever been as precise as Ant. I am so thankful for his guidance.

    He is absolutely incredible!

  12. Cris (verified owner)

    Received my reading, and he was rather dead on about my life and situation. He has called out some things that have been going on in my life that only two people know about. Right now part of the reading has started to manifest itself. I’m excited to see how this is going to go and he’s rather well entuned to people without receiving any information other than your birthday.

  13. Glenn (verified owner)

    UN-BE-EFFEN-LEIVABLE! My reading was dead on!!!. Not only was Ant able to set me straight, he even saw the age difference and the astrology signs of both myself and my new guy. I have to say he does not mince words so if you’re easily butt hurt by straighttalk then you will not enjoy your reading, for the rest of you, he is the real deal. I can say that I’m a true believer and can’t wait for another reading by Ant.

  14. David (verified owner)

    Ant was able to help clear my mind and help me move forward with his reading. I’ll be sure to use this to help make the right moves going forward. Thanks Ant, you’re fantastic!

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