Relationship Tarot Card Reading

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In a current relationship and wonder if it’s going to last? Think partner is cheating? Perhaps you’re wondering if marriage is coming?

Let me give you the answers with this in-depth relationship psychic tarot reading.

Example Questions:

  1. I have a feeling my partner is talking to someone else and starting an affair, is this happening?
  2. We’ve been together for a long time… will they propose?
  3. We’re thinking about moving in together but I’m just not sure, is this the right move for me/us?

Disclaimer: I need to know the genders involved.

All readings will be delivered via email. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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5 reviews for Relationship Tarot Card Reading

  1. Chrissy C

    Anthony is such a flawless reader. He’s so sweet, professional, and kind. I adore him and everything he’s done for me. I’ve known Anthony for about a year, and he’s helped me so much with pretty much every aspect of life. Love and relationships are no exception. Anthony reads me so much that we pretty much have designated cards for a specific problematic character in the story of my silly life! I’m always grateful for what he does for me. He knows the right way to give information to me, and he’s a very contemporary reader for us younger folks 🙂 <3 Thank you so much Ant. Grateful for what you do! <3 <3 <3

  2. B

    Ant has been extremely helpful with my relationship. Every time I have come to him with questions, or seeking clarity he has always been kind, blunt, honest and always 100% truthful even if its something I may not want to hear, he tells me anyway so I know realistically whats going on in my relationship. He is the best tarot reader I have ever been to and he is 100% accurate, always. If you’re looking for clarity, guidance, you name it – Ant is the best to come to.

  3. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    Ant hit the nail on the head and helped me have a better understanding of somethings. He is AMAZING at what he does and I can say with full confidence I know where my relationship stands. I cannot recommend Ant enough!

  4. Justin W Cortes (verified owner)

    Anthony’s reading was very detailed and accurate. Definitely NOT one of those cold reader frauds. I appreciate his direct, and down to earth explanations as to each card’s individual meaning and how it correlates to each other card in the spread, in accordance to the question being answered. Polite, professional, non-judgemental, and relatable, Anthony even invites you to email him again for clarity on anything not understood from his reading. 100/10 (not a typo, literally 100 out of 10) recommend to the skeptics and the hesitant. Thank you Anthony.

  5. Gabriel (verified owner)

    This was incredibly spot on. Not only did he give such an accurate reading with little information given of my current situation but went above and beyond in identifying my blockers as well. I like the personal touch he gave in the reading to connect with me. You cannot go wrong with this purchase!

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