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If you have a question that is not listed in the directory, please contact me.

Disclaimer: These will cost more. Absolutely NO health questions. I have the right to refuse your question. General readings or “I don’t have a question” will be defaulted into a very simple “Past, Present, Future” Spread.

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4 reviews for Request Tarot Card Reading

  1. KrypticNature

    Your stream has brought me so much joy since I started watching. You’ve helped me feel less alone and given me advice that has really helped me move towards bettering myself and my life. You’ve taught me so much made me laugh cry and feel all types of things. Your stream is like a home where i feel welcomed and i can’t thank you enough for that. What you do is amazing, you help people guide them and give them support and that means so much. I’m even getting a little teared up writing this because that’s just how much I love you ant. You are a star and you’re a positivity in my life i’m so glad to have. More people are gonna see how amazing you are and you’re gonna continue to leave your mark on the world

  2. Holly (verified owner)

    IM SHOOK. Coming from a non-believer, this Reading had me shaking my head in amazement at the accuracy of my current situation. Cant think of a better way to spend $25. Really detailed fully explained email about what everything meant. Antphrodite really has a gift when it comes to reading these cards. This is a necessity for anyone in doubt. Highly suggested.

  3. Patricia @tapatiadejal

    I received a reading while watching of the twitch channel. I thought it was going to be just something fun and wonderful so I asked about relationships. I was completely takenMijo a package is in the mailbox by surprise on how accurate the reading was. Going back to my relationships especially the most recent one.
    What was revealed was so extremely spot on! It allowed me to see my patterns from a different angle as everything that was brought out was exactly how my behavior has been… The amazing part is that I was able to see it and make some adjustments which have allowed me to make way better decisions and understand why I made the decisions.
    It had been in reference to a current relationship that had completed it self.

  4. George Kyriakopoulos

    Ant you have given me so much information thus far. I am taking action in the areas of my life that need my attention and getting back on the grind. What my guides wanting to focus on the next few months?

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