Travel Tarot Card Reading

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Wondering if you should move? Or perhaps how a move is going to go? Maybe you’re curious if this trip is worth going to? Or if it’s going to beneficial or not? Have a work event you’re worried about?

Let me give you the answers with this in-depth Travel & Destination Reading.

Disclaimer: Exact timing is VERY hard to get.

All readings will be delivered via Email. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

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2 reviews for Travel Tarot Card Reading

  1. mewxie

    I was unhappy where I was living, and asked if it was a good idea to move. I was told that, yes, it was a good idea. Now it’s one year later. I’ve found a new job, bought a new car, and am much happier overall. I was hesitant and scared, but his reading gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to relocate and change my life for the better.

  2. G

    Ok so I’m really skeptical and typically don’t believe in this shit. I got a travel reading done just to try to prove him wrong and being the little ass I am set up a trap in my question. I asked him about my vacation to go see my family, intentionally leaving out the fact that I wasn’t traveling alone. He drew his cards and first thing he tells me is that he sees a lovers card that is accompanying me on this trip. NGL I freaked because my bf was indeed going with me but how the hell did he know, he didn’t know me or even my name nor did he know anyone that I knew. It wasn’t possible for him to google this info up either, I’m very tight with my privacy. Every other reading he’s done has been spot on with contextual information that he couldn’t have known beforehand. Slap a tail on my ass and call me a donkey, but I’m a believer now. Ant gives great advice and guidance with his readings and while idk what kind of magic juice he drinks to be this accurate I just accept it now.

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