❤ A Snapshot Of your Personality ❤

What Is A Birth Chart?

Astrology Birth Chart Readings are like a snapshot of the energy that was around us at our time of birth. We’re all affected by said energy, and it helps shape us as individuals. I like to think of it as the energy we bounce around in, when in a “default” state. Our natural “go to”, so to speak. And as we grow and learn our lessons (or challenge ourselves!) we are able to manipulate this natural state, and use it to our advantage! These readings are meant to better understand who we are as people, and what makes us tick.

These are done via video format.

Astrology Natal Chart Reading Antphrodite

Half Chart Readings

You are more than just your Sun sign in Astrology! The Sun is our Ego, and sense of self. I’m sure we all know what our sign is here. But we are made up of much more! I have my own unique take on this, where I only give you information that is relatable, and useful in your everyday life. This isn’t a full blown run of the mill average birth chart reading. It’s a different spin that is far more fun, helpful, AND entertaining! In my Half Chart Reading I will go over the following:

  • Sun – Ego/Identity
  • Moon – Emotions
  • Mercury – Communication
  • Venus – Love/Beauty/Relationship
  • Mars – Passion/Sex/Aggression
  • Jupiter – Luck/Expansion
  • North Node – Life Path/Journey

Half charts require: Birth Date & Location

Personal Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Full Chart Readings

Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto are generational. So it matters more which house they fall in. These are explained in FULL Chart Readings only

  • Saturn – Restrictment/Hard Life Lesson
  • Uranus – Unpredictability
  • Neptune – Illusion/Disillusionment
  • Pluto – Transformation

Your chart is broken into 12 different houses as well. Each representing a different part of you.

  • 1st House – Self [Ascendant]
  • 2nd House – Income/Self Worth
  • 3rd House – Communication/Siblings
  • 4th house – Home/Family
  • 5th House – Fun/Creativity
  • 6th House – Work/Routine/Health/Pets
  • 7th House – Partnerships/Marriage
  • 8th House – Death/Sex/Occult
  • 9th House – Higher Learning/Travel
  • 10th House – Career/Public Image
  • 11th House – Friendships/Groups/Organizations
  • 12th House – Karma

If you have an accurate birth TIME in addition to a birth date and location, than I can provide you with more information in my Full Chart Reading. Not only will you get everything in the Half Chart Reading, you will ALSO get additional information on the houses those planets reside in, and what that means for you. As well as your Ascendant Sign, which is the mask you wear in public and the first thing people see. I will also go over a few of the houses that I deem neccessary for your self-improvement. Most noteably: 7th house of marriage/partnerships, 8th house of sex, & 10th house of career. Each person has a few houses that need specific focus. Not every house will need attention. I DO NOT go over aspects. I feel they are absolutes and way too ridgid for any benefit towards self-improvement.

Full charts require: Birth Date, Location, & Birth Time