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What is a Tarot Reading

Psychic Tarot Card Reading Near Me
Tarot Reading is a form of divination. I am able to get in and out of your energy, quickly and safely, in order to assess whatever situation you need clarification on. You simply ask a question, and leave the rest to me! You won’t feel or notice a thing. The information is not meant to be absolute. It is intended to give you a sense of direction and understanding. Remember, you are always in control! You make the final decision. We all have free will and I am only here to help you ultimately understand the best choices possible.  Think of it as a guide, or a way to self-reflect. My favorite way to describe tarot is a mirror. Where you should see yourself staring back at you.

What You Will Get In a Tarot Reading

Flat out psychic predictions happen quite often. If I ever see something happening or coming soon, I will always tell you what I see. Sure, there are many possibilities, but often times one particular path is visibly clear and if you are headed straight for it, I will inform you! You CAN change your outcomes and you SHOULD. That’s the point! Don’t like what you hear? Well, you should now have enough information to accurately formulate a plan to remedy the issue. Or alter the outcome to be more in your favor. You will even get information on others, and how to better engage or interact with them! This is where tarot really shines. In understanding the innate differences between individuals and how to better connect and understand one another.

How Readings Work

I use many different spreads [and different decks], which vary depending on the question asked. When the cards are laid out, depending on said spread, each position represents a different part of the question. For instance, a simple 3 card spread could result in a Past, Present, and Future position [in chronological order].

When you purchase a reading, I will send you a picture of the card spread. When giving you your information, I also will go over what the position of each card means. Keep in mind, the cards are a TOOL. I use them to channel my own energy and abilities. Most of the work comes from yours truly and universal energies that exist for us to use or lose.

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Disclaimer: No health readings. These are for entertainment purposes only