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What are Readings?

I use a Tarot deck to read the energies of your situation. There is more information available if you are wondering at What is Tarot

Types of Psychic Readings

I can read and guide you on nearly all aspects and situations of life. More information available at Readings

Disclaimer: I do not read on health or health related situations. I reserve the right to refuse your question.

  • Business & Career
  • Finances
  • Love + Compatibility
  • Relationships
  • Travel + Destination
  • Family
  • Pregnancy + Babies
  • Conflicts & Interests
  • Astrology Birth Charts

Types of Psychic Readings | Psychic Readings | Tarot Cards

How Readings Work

Once you have your question(s) ready and want to get the answers you seek, book a reading with me.

Readings are answered in the order of which they were received. I will read the energy of your situation and deliver readings to you via the email address provided upon checkout.

Readings include a picture of the spread that is pulled and a typed out explanation of what they mean is sent to you. I will then give my analysis and summary of what this means for you and your situation.

These are for entertainment purposes only.

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