We’ve seen a lot over the years in drag race history. All star’s season 5 is coming up. Rupaul’s drag race season 11 is on it’s way. We’re seen t he rise and fall of the haus of edwards. Top 10 most hilarious rupaul’s drag race moments. The top 10 shady edits in Rupaul’s drag race. The top 10 Best reads in Rupaul’s drag race. The top 10 moments, the worst lip syncs, the best lipsyncs. Controversial eliminations and unpopular opinions. Hell, we even got unhhhh with trixie and katya. And we’ve been kept up to date with it all thanks to one person. Watch my psychic tarot reading on JakeyonceTV and the tea that’s about to spill. Is Rupaul’s Drag Race over? Is Rupaul being replaced? Is Jake going to have falling outs with others? Perhaps a major disappointment for him in meeting his idols. Maybe even a move.

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