Weekly Horoscope for September 10th, 2018! The beginning of this week will be a bit intense. You may deal with obsession/intensity/negativity leftover from last week. However, you will be making solid plans to move past these issues, and see massive progress towards the end of this week. Take things seriously. Matters of love will be heightened and under an intense microscope. Be careful of your spending habits, as money may be flying out your hand early on this week, but towards the end, you should see yourself receiving some money/opportunity.


The Devil [Reversed] – Leftover intensity/obsession/negativity from last week.

The Fool [Reversed] – Serious action and planning required. Do not take things lightly.

The Chariot – Slow and steady progress. Moving on.

Venus – All of the aforementioned above shall pertain towards Love & Money. Beware of exes.


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