Weekly horoscope for September 17th, 2018!. The beginning of this week will be all about patience and balance. There will be a slowing down of a lot of stressful things in your life, and a focus on what makes you happy. It’s okay to have a slower pace this week. The reward will be coming in the form of a strengthening of bonds! Something you’re already attached to (person/place/thing) will grow stronger. I also see us ending on a BIG WIN by the end of this week. Huge Karmic reward. The Sun is all about happiness, so you will be beaming from ear to ear with joy. The Hermes card is quite funny. Sure he’s a card of communication (and you may see some SMALL issues surrounding that) He’s also the hottest guy from this oracle deck, and manifests for me as a new potential soulmate coming for us all! Anyone dating, GET ON THOSE APPS NOW!! Put yourself out there this week! A potential new friend or new lover is on the horizon! Already existing friends/lovers will see a huge bonding moment happen as well.

Temperance – Patience and balance. Start off slow, and make sure your energy is in a healthy place.

The Lovers – You will grow attached to something/someone, and will see a strengthening of already existing bonds to people/places/things. Good time to dive into what already exists!

The Sun – Happiness. Huge reward at the end of this week! The Sun together with the Lovers is also a huge sign that a potential new soulmate (friends and lovers are soulmates) is on it’s way. Current existing connections will have a huge bonding moment as well!

Hermes – There may be a few hiccups in communication. However, this card is my favorite from the God Oracle Deck. Because he’s the hottest. A new soulmate is DEFINITELY on it’s way for all of us! This could be just a friend, but it could also be something more. If you’re in the dating pool, DIVE IN THIS WEEK. AND THE NEXT TOO. The hot guy/girl is waiting right around the corner!!! Put yourself out there, I promise!!!!!!! If you already have a lover, they are going to be even more attractive to you this week, and you’ll see the two of you doing something cutesy and romantic together.


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