Weekly horoscope for September 24th, 2018! A period of introspection and isolation will plague us all at the beginning of this week. It’ll be a healthy way of us taking inventory of what’s around us. Alone time is a good thing, make good use of it! A lot of what we have already committed to, will continue on as normal. However, there will be an abrupt change in the middle of this week. Something or someone that we are attached to will need to have some element of “sacrifice” attached to it. Basically, something will have to be let go. It’s necessary, and will be for everyone’s highest good involved.  Fear not, because there will be an innovative, creative way of resolving this sacrifice towards the end of the week. And I even see the birth of a potential new idea.

The Hermit – Introspection, Isolation, Alone time

The Hierophant – Commitment. Strong bonds.

The Hanged Man – Necessary Sacrifices. Letting go.

Far, Far Away – Innovative ideas, creative inspiration, and solutions that may surprise us!

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