Weekly Tarot spread for August 27,th 2018! Intense week! Beware of obsession and hyper focus. Allow yourself some space from things. Warning of a huge blowout between you and another person/place/thing. Learn to let things go. You’ll feel energetically drained and scattered.

Emperor Card [Reversed] – Lack of control. Don’t try to make things fit where they don’t belong.

Devil Card – Intensity, Obsession, Negativity. Lot’s of energy build up. Need to release healthily.

The Empress – Self love. We will turn this negative into a positive!

Mars – Passion/Aggression. Careful not to burn something/someone too hot.

Gemini [Reversed]  – Feeling scattered and wanting to make things work. Potential rift between you and another.

Mercury – Communication gets you out of trouble this week!


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